Foot Baths


Important Notes Regarding Use of Foot Spa:

For the best results; use of the foot spa twice a week is recommended. Not to be done two consecutive days.

It is important to drink plenty of fluids especially water after a session with the foot bath. Some toxins still have to be washed away even after the process. The larger consumption of fluids helps flush the rest of the toxins so that one does not get sick.

Benefits that may be received from you“AE Ionic Foot Spa”:

Allergy relief

Arthritis relief

Autism relief

Balance in life-force energy, increased overall energy and stress reduction

Body Detoxification

Elimination of smelly feet

Faster recovery from disease and injury, and pain relief

Headache relief

Heavy metals removal

High blood pressure relief

Hypoglycemia relief

Increased body Oxygen levels

Immune system booster

Improved memory and processing

Improved skin conditions

Improved sleep

Improvement in skin conditions

Parasite/worm removal

Reduction of fluid retention

Weight management without dieting 

(NOTE: results will vary from person to person.)

All foreign matter such as harmful chemicals, heavy metals, parasites, and others are all positively charged.  By immersing our feet in the flow of negative Ions produced by the Foot Spa, over time we can remove these toxins and radically alter our Bio-energy levels.  The use of the Foot Spa acts in a natural way by supporting and activating the body’s natural defenses and releasing its healing potentials.

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