About Us
Mystical Heart Spiritual Center is a metaphysical store and spiritual center that tries to cater to all religions and walks of life.  We have been a part of the Middle Tennessee community for about 9 years and carry all manner of items including; books, crystals, herbs, candles, incense, jewelry, oils, cards, statues and tapestries to name just a few. We have several experienced readers to help you answer life's questions. We also have Reiki healing services and classes by a Reiki Master, ionic foot baths, and an interfaith minister to officiate legal weddings and handfastings. We also offer all types of classes in our classroom, from drum sessions to guided meditation, to learning about cards or about your inner self. It is a pleasure to hear many of our customers remark that when they come into the store a sense of calming washes over them. It is not just a store but a place that can relieve life's stresses and ease the heart and soul.
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